179 Residential Apartments, Little Bay NSW
Located on the crown of the hill between two bodies of water, Botany Bay and the Tasman Sea, this residential development defends and manipulates the elements in order to harness the extraordinary views, winter sun and coastal breezes available.


MAKO Architecture:
Simon Mather, Tom Droz, Alecia Conolly, Vi Le, Erin Owens, Alex Chistiakoff

Tony Caro Architecture:
Tony Caro, Louise Chapman, Simon Mather, Blair Young, Rebecca Donoghue

TAG Global

Richard Crookes Constructions (Special Thanks to Russell Suereth, Adam Zivanovich, Harry Cooper, Kassim Youssef and Paul Schwebel)

PriceWaterhouse Coopers, McGregor Coxall, Urbis, Donnelly Simpson Cleary, Robert Bird Group, Rare ID, Arcadia Landscape Architecture, Industry Roofing and Cladding, YME

Photography: Brett Boardman / MAKO

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