Phased Change House
Alterations and Additions, Dickson, ACT

A typically modest Canberra 'Govie House' re-invigorated through a restrained [6sqm] addition to the footprint. This project was the recipient of the Cynthia Breheny Award at the 2018 ACT Architecture Awards:

“Subtle intervention is key to the success of this project. Phased Change House reconfigures a typical compartmentalised 1960s suburban cottage with poor connectivity to its backyard into a warm and meticulously crafted home.

An untouched entry condition disguises the new-found drama within. While the footprint is largely the same, the spaces are now light, open, and heightened by the exposure of original roof trusses over the kitchen/dining area.

A modest bay window extension that emerges out from under the original eaveline into the rear yard, holds the kitchen bench, new glazed doorways to the rear deck, and a bathing area. Generous windows have been positioned to maximise sightlines.

The muted palette of spotted gum, form ply, raw cement sheet, and grey laminate used throughout the spaces are detailed with delight and evoke homeliness. A splash of colour is delivered through deep blue pirelli rubber floors and splashbacks.

In a context where knock-down rebuild ‘forever’ homes are increasingly the norm; this project is a reminder that simple repurposing and staging can deliver exceptional, highly sustainable outcomes." - 2018 ACT Architecture Awards Jury

MAKO Architecture: Erin Owens
Client: Private
Photography: Ben Guthrie

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